Referral marketing for newsletters, podcasts, blogs, and communities.

Build community and grow your audience with custom refer-a-friend programs built specifically for newsletters, podcasts, blogs, and communities.

Word Of Mouth Growth

84% of decision makers start the decison making process by asking for a referral.

Integrated With Your Product

We enable you to quickly add an integrated referral program to your product so your team can focus on your product. 

Find Your Customer Advocates

As your customers start referring friends to sign up, you'll identify your best customer advocates. 

The Right Reward 

Choose to reward your customers with cash, in-app credits, access to features, or anything else you can think of. Our product is flexible and customizable. 

Measure and Grow

Every marketing channel is only as good as its data. We provide you with the data you need to optimize and grow your referral marketing program.

Why ActionWins

Our company ethos is to constantly take action that creates value for our customers

Phone/Email Support

We're here to help. You can always reach us via phone or email for customer support.

Consulting Sessions

Your success is important to us. We'll help you determine the best rewards and referral structure.


Our team can integrate our referral software with your product and other products you use to run your business.

Referral Marketing Program Dashboard

The Data You Need

Our easy to use dashboard lets you track how many advocates are in your program and how many referrals each advocate makes. Use this data to determine what rewards are working the best and which advocates are your best promoters.

Super Easy To Use

Want to launch your referral program today? Our solutions simply drop into you applicaton and are easy to customize. Click the video to the right to see it in action. 


Customize your referral program using our API to create your own user experience and automation

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